I welcome you to Mesoyios College, an institution operating from 1998 as an educational center specialized in the hospitality industry.


Mesoyios’ range of programs prepare students for careers in the world’s largest and fastest growing industries.

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Kirandeep Kaur

“The staff of MC is very helpful, and the lecturers give enough time to pass on guidelines to students regarding study and exams. The College enables students to travel to other countries via Erasmus+ and experience hotel internship internationally. The overall performance of the College is magnificent.”

Kostas Papadopulos

“It is very interesting to study at MC. Lectures are always held on interesting topics. There was also hands on training on the wine and table service for which I was pleasantly surprised. There are also a lot of foreign students at the college with whom I can talk on various topics about their countries and culture, for instance. And of course, the lecturers are very kind and responsive to students’ needs.”

Ekaterina Marchenko

“I’ve only been to college recently, but I can already say a lot. The beginning of my studies was delayed due to flight difficulties, for which the College helped me with all its might. As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed with open arms as a friend or even as a family member. Later, I saw that this is the attitude here towards everyone. Therefore, during the learning process, everything will be explained to you in detail, if you are not afraid to ask questions.”

Suraj Ranabhat

“My experience at Mesoyios College has been very wonderful until now. It has been four years since I joined the College and I have learned a lot; not just academically but in all other aspects of career development.”

Rabin Thapa

“It was my first choice to study at Mesoyios College as it presents us with a high-quality education as well as the experience of practical activities. I would wholeheartedly like to thank Mesoyios College.”

Konstantinos Michail

“It is interesting to study at Mesoyios College. The courses are very interesting and always accompanied with practical methodology, such as wine service. I was amazed by the facilities and how helpful the lecturers and the administrative staff were. We also have the opportunity to meet different people of various nationalities, which is a good thing. Lastly, I was impressed by the employment opportunities the College offers by having the best connections with luxurious hotels MC is collaborating with.”

Dibash Gurung

“It was a great experience studying at MC; a memory to cherish for a lifetime. I am thankful to all staff and for the best facilities MC has providing us with a high-quality education.”

Sunny Deol

“I came from India back in 2019. I am very happy to be studying at Mesoyios College. You receive opportunities for international internship placement for instance in Poland and in Greece. The College staff and lecturers are kind. The President is a very helpful man. I am thankful to the College staff and management for providing me with so many useful experiences to learn more about the industry and especially to travel to Poland with Erasmus mobility. In Poland all was arranged beforehand and there was nothing to worry about. I am simply thankful for everything MC has offered to me and especially for securing my future.”

Bikramjeet Singh

“My name is Bikramjeet Singh and I am from India. I came to Cyprus in 2019 to study at Mesoyios College. I really like my college. I find the staff very friendly. MC helped us tremendously in finding jobs at 5-star Hotels and has given us many opportunities for academic learning and training. I travelled to Poland via Erasmus with accommodation covered and without paying any money. Instead, I was able to receive pocket money. I would wholeheartedly advise anyone to study at MC as it is the best investment for your future.”

Dmitry Isaev

“Thinks at the college are changing continuously for the better, including quality of study, activities, social life, student attendance and job opportunities. I’d like to say something about work. MC arranged for me several interviews to find a good employer, which is what I actually did! I got vacancy in one of the best fine-dining restaurants, which is called Artima Bistro, part of Carob Mill (Lanitis Group). Thank you, College, for your connections which helped me to find a job. Also, some good changes in the way of studying were made. I entered into Mesoyios College in February of 2022. I have been studying here for almost 1 year. I see how the College is attentive to student’s needs and wishes. I see how attracted students are to the process of studying. I appreciate the internship interviews which were provided by MC. I got the placement in a really famous and high-quality restaurant, the Artima Bistro of Carob Mill Restaurants.”

Imran Ahmed

“It has been a great experience studying at Mesoyios College and full of learning. Being part of a global community, gave me the opportunity to meet with different people from all over the world and learn many interesting things about their cultures. The lecturers at MC make the College of what it is today with their willingness to help always. I am very thankful to all faculty, academic advisors, and administrative department for providing us with high-quality education. I am also grateful to Mesoyios College for giving me the opportunity to travel to Poland with Erasmus Plus. Overall, it has been a great experience and I believe it to be a lifetime memory. If you want to make a career in Hotel and Restaurant Management or Business Administration, I highly recommend joining MC.”

Krishna Kumar Shrestha

Studying at the Mesoyios College gives you a wide understanding of the tourism and hospitality business. It helps you to build a solid foundation for a successful career. The studies here aim to enhance teamwork, communication and project management skills, which are all essential in building a successful career in the field of tourism and hospitality. True practical service skills with professional and innovative knowledge of restaurant and hospitality services as a whole is the path to becoming a successful leader and manager. This enables learning and you can truly test yourself through actual service experiences in cooperation with real companies. The main language of the studies is English, but your studies also include getting to know the Greek Cypriot  language and culture.