Hosting of Erasmus Plus Internships & Courses

What we do:

Our professional knowledge, experience, creativity, dynamism and multilingualism allow us to deliver Erasmus mobility projects, tailored to our partners’ specific needs. We match our internships to your participants’ language skills as well as their vocational experience and knowledge.

Our team will propose internships, which will best meet individual and group needs and expectations. We not only provide suitable placements for the internship students but also logistic and professional conditions, which will enable mobility. What is more, our team offer continuous on-site care and support to facilitate cultural, educational, social and professional integration of the interns into the local environment.

Our main goals is to provide the best professional and personal experience for each participant and partner engaged in the European projects.

Also, within selected sectors, we organize job shadowing and workshop group placements. Which consist of practical classes supervised by professional trainers, with an option to study visits to private and public organizations. Such placements are tailored to the needs of groups of students.

Who may join our Internships & Courses:

•  Teachers (elementary schools, high schools, technical schools, post-secondary schools, colleges and universities)
•  Students (public and private colleges and universities)

When may join:  All year round for Internships. Courses require minimum 5 pax.

Offered Mobility Sectors

We organize internships and courses for the following mobility sectors:

  •  Train the Trainers / Teachers
  • Tourism
  •  Hotel Industry
  • Gastronomy
  • Forestry
  •  Horticulture (gardening)
  • Agriculture
  • Geodesy
  • Logistics
  • IT Technologies / EU DigComp Digital Competence Certification
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Economy
  • Sports / Health & Safety
  • Naturopathy / Acupuncture / Nutritional Therapy / Reflexology / Cosmetic Acupuncture / SPA Therapies

What we offer

Mesoyios Education Group (OID Number: E10098327) organizes Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses that respond to the needs of pre-primary, primary and secondary school staff and Higher Education Institutions, VET Providers and staff employed in Adult Education Centers. Our courses contribute to the professional development and skill acquisition of the target groups through the use of active learning processes, problem-based learning and higher-order thinking tasks.

Regarding the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses, we aim to:

  • give learners the support to acquire competencies in order to improve their personal development and employability in the labor market,
  • support the professional development of people who work in education, training, and youth and aim at improving their quality of teaching, training and youth work around Europe,
  • raise participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures, traditions, beliefs, and way of life,
  • actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity,
  • reinforce synergies and transitions between formal, non-formal education, vocational training, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Particularly, our organization offers opportunities for professional development to teaching and non-teaching staff belonging to the following fields of education:

Higher Education (HE): Training period for the professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI or another relevant organization abroad, Vocational and Educational Training (VET): VET staff can live a work placement or a job shadowing/observation period abroad in an enterprise or any other VET organization.

School Education: This activity supports the professional development of participants, school leaders or other school education staff in the form of participation in structured courses or training events abroad and a job shadowing/observation period abroad in a partner school or another relevant organization active in the field of school education,

Adult Education: This activity supports the professional development of adult education staff in the form of participation in structured courses or training events abroad and a job shadowing/observation period abroad in any relevant organization active in the adult education field,

Youth (Informal Education): This activity supports the professional development of youth workers in the form of participation in seminars, training courses, contact-making events, study visits and job shadowing/observation period abroad in an organization active in the youth field.

Offered Erasmus Plus Courses

Empowering environmental awareness

Human existence depends on a healthy, balanced, and sustainable planet, but our very existence puts pressure on the globe and all who live on it. The needs for contribution and growth of environmental awareness are the top two priority needs to be fulfilled as we have reached a critical point for the existence of our species. The rent we pay for our stay here on earth is counted by caring for our surroundings and really protecting Mother Nature. We live in a holistic world where everything is connected whether we want to believe it or not. There exists a universal consciousness that connects all the creation together and unless we care for each other and especially our home which is mother nature, then our survivor on this planet has an expiration date.

This course offers the opportunity to establish a strong connection with our surroundings and includes a variety of activities and techniques which reinforce that connection.

Environmental awareness is a global issue so anyone of any specialization could participate.

The course will take place within Limassol District and will include outdoor activities. There will be visits to beautiful landscapes on Troodos mountain as well as a day trip to cape Akrotiri and the beautiful beaches of Limassol.

The art of living a healthy life

Health is not just the absence of disease. It is a state of joyfulness.
“A sane mind in a healthy body” Socrates

This course enriches our knowledge as to what really is Health and how do we teach our learners to live their lives so that they enjoy a blissful lifestyle. Our body mirrors the way we live our lives and it speaks to us and whispers every moment. We only have to learn to listen and respond with the necessary actions.

When we change our perception as to what our body actually is, recognizing that it is an activity of continuous transformation then we have the choice of stop doing what we should and start doing what we feel in order to keep it running in high energy frequencies. We all know of the term “a balanced life “and we definitely agree with this concept but how do we learn this art of living a healthy life? During this course we will perform activities and learn technics to teach our learners how to balance their lives. Course participants will perform outdoor exercises as well as commune with nature.

The course is addressed to participants of any specialization and it will take place within Limassol District. It will include outdoor activities as well as field studies. There will be visits to beautiful landscapes on Troodos mountain as well as a day trip to cape Akrotiri and the beautiful beaches of Limassol.

Inspiring creative minds through Fine Arts

Every person is unique and has a special talent. The people who possess a creative mind respond differently towards life than the average human being. Their mind focuses, feels, fights and responds through expression of movement color and sound! These extraordinary minds have a special connection with the source of creation and are able to express themselves in a more naturalistic way.

During this course participants will learn to analyze creativity as a central source of meaning and purpose in their lives.
A creative mind can absorb information from the world and relate it to his/her own way of learning, solving problems, developing, expressing feelings and ideas, finding solutions and motivating.

Through this course teachers, students and children will encounter ways which will help them activate their skills through the fine arts of dancing, music and painting.

This course is addressed to anyone interested in learning how to teach art in schools by stimulating learners’ creativity and imagination.
It will include outdoor activities as well as field studies. There will be visits to beautiful landscapes on Troodos mountain as well as a day trip to cape Akrotiri and the beautiful beaches of Limassol.

Considering Stress as a friend

In today’s society, we thrive on performance, competition and perfection. This situation leads to an alarming body reaction which we humans labeled it as” stress”. It is a social phenomenon that has been developed in to a global pandemic. Extensive research shows that it is the number one reason that causes psychopathic disorders and chronic illnesses.

It is a major issue that affects everyone’s quality of life especially in the western world, on a day to day basis. It is essential that we find the way to live a stress free life in order to be more productive and live a quality life.

How we think and how we act can transform our experience of stress. When we choose to see stress as a helpful friend then we create the biology of courage.

Learning strategies that help us manage our thoughts and emotions is the answer to a stress free lifestyle.
In this course participants can learn to teach these strategies to learners as well as adopt them in their everyday life. They can develop awareness towards their abilities and learn to be present.

Once you discover the benefits of these strategies you will apply them both in your personal and professional life! This course is a great opportunity for personal and academic development and it is addressed to participants of any specialization. It will include outdoor activities as well as field studies. There will be visits to beautiful landscapes on Troodos mountain as well as a day trip to cape Akrotiri and the beautiful beaches of Limassol.

Games as a mean for learning Soft skills

Most people play games for “fun”. But, really? And who can define what fun is?

Games can be fun, but they are also much more than that. They have always been used to teach and learn: information, values, norms of behavior. The games we play are in fact very important educational tools: by playing them, future generations learn the skills that will shape their world.

Learning about games and how they are made can be a very powerful asset in the curriculum of any professional in the fields of education and communication. Game design is a very complex discipline that draws from engineering, informatics, psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, communication science, arts and much more. Including game design elements in other areas of activity is a process called “gamification”, and it is now proven that it can have tremendous benefits, making our activities more engaging, rewarding and “fun”.

The course will follow a very hands-on approach, combining elements of theory, group work and discussion – and experiential phases in which participants will have an opportunity to design their own games and learn from direct experience. The focus will be on social and educational games – plus, it will be fun! The program will cover topics like: LEGO, traditional games, role playing games (RPGs), table top games, digital and videogames.
The course will include outdoor activities as well as field studies. There will be visits to beautiful landscapes on Troodos mountain as well as a day trip to cape Akrotiri and the beautiful beaches of Limassol.

Emotional Intelligence as a tool for Sculpturing leadership skills

Emotional intelligence refers to how well we handle ourselves and our relationships.

In order to achieve this great task, we need to develop the ability of understanding our thoughts and emotions and be able to manage them in a positive way.

Emotional intelligence is based on 5 domains:

Self-awareness: Knowing what you are feeling and why you feel that way
Social skills: Developing Contribution, Communication and Leadership skills
Empathy: Acknowledging someone else’s feelings
Motivation: Referring to self-motivation and goals setting
Self-regulation: Controlling your thoughts, actions and emotions

The Emotional Intelligence course aims to stimulate the participants interest in learning and interacting so that all of them will gain a better understanding of self-management and self-awareness.

The learners will be able to teach their students to gain a better understanding and control over their actions and emotions.
All the participants will be able to experience a positive impact on their professional and personal lives. It is a valuable course and a “must “for every “Intelligent” human been.

The course includes outdoor activities as well as field studies. There will be visits to beautiful landscapes on Troodos mountain as well as a day trip to cape Akrotiri and the beautiful beaches of Limassol.


The purpose of the course is to show educators how to use Robotics to create teaching activities in the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

They will explore the elements of common Robotics Kits (including the Lego WeDo and EV3, and the Arduino platform) together with a multitude of sensors, and the ways Robotics can be exploited to get hands-on learning in the fields of STEAM.

The course provides teachers with a basis for incorporating project-based learning into interdisciplinary technology-driven instruction in K-12 classrooms.

The course will give participants the opportunity to learn how to inspire their students by implementing exciting, yet feasible, problem solving activities that foster creativity and active learning. Essentially, the course covers how to use robotics as an organizer to teach STEAM concepts.

This course is addressed to teachers of either primary or secondary education who want to use robotics to teach STEAM lessons, and to learn how to integrate robot design projects within the K-1 to K-12 curriculum.

EU DigComp: Digital Competences for Teaching

Digital education (EU DigComp) enables teachers to deal with all teaching formats, methods and practices, especially the electronic teaching, learning, collaboration, correspondence and communication.

Covid19 pandemic proved once again that digital competences is not a luxury anymore, but vital skills required to see the future in a positive manner.
This course is addressed to participants of any specialization, any teacher who would like to enrich their digital competences, get certified with at least one ECCC DigComp certificate and become more effective and more productive at work.

The Digitally Competent Teachers for Creative Digital Students MOOC will help participants to reflect upon their digital competence for lifelong learning and to get familiar with digital technology for teaching and learning, by exploring different tools and strategies. Teachers will gain knowledge on European frameworks for digital competence and discover how to boost digital competence through European projects such as Code Week, eTwinning, or SELFIE. Teachers will also explore strategies and tools for remote teaching, digital assessment, and classroom management.

The overall objective of the course is for teachers to learn how to effectively integrate technology in the classroom and ultimately reach the students to empower them to be creators of technology, rather than being only consumers.

While the content of the course will be in English, national moderators in the following languages will support participants with lower levels of English: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese.

Project Support and Monitoring

Erasmus Plus Application

A team of Erasmus Plus experts are ready to provide any assistance and support you may need, to build your application for both Erasmus Plus KA1 and KA2 projects, as far as the details concerning the proposed mobility activities in Cyprus.

Project Support

The main objective of our organization is to achieve the best possible educational and professional results as well as to ensure satisfaction of all partners engaged in the project. Also, we make sure each internship progresses well and is properly fulfilled. In addition, our team provide the trainers with support in essential matters and with the help of linguistic problems.

Every group has a mentor allocated to them, who is available 24/7 to assist in any emergencies. What is more, we stay in close touch with the internship supervisors in each.

Lodging Services, Facilities and Support

We organize full or half board accommodation near the city center. The interns are housed in studio apartments with bathrooms. Rooms are double or triple, fully furnished and with Internet access. However, a single room could be arranged with a small extra charge. Each student receives a weekly pass for the public transport to move freely within the city and its surroundings.