08 Nov 2019

Zeta’s «Yes» for foreign students’ hiring in hotels

Minister of Labor Zeta Emilianidou seems to have given the green light to hoteliers for hiring foreign students. This paves the way for foreign students to be recruited in hotels and other sectors beyond the hotel industry – a timely request from hoteliers. According to information, at the recent meeting of hoteliers with the Minister of Labor on collective agreement issues, the hoteliers’ request to hire foreign students was also discussed. The minister told the hoteliers that she would include the hotels in the decree to be issued in November.

It is noted that so far, unlike restaurants, hotels could only employ foreign students for practical purposes. This “opening” of the minister releases the hands of many hotels that are facing shortages. The hoteliers’ request was welcomed by Mrs Zeta Emilianianidou, as the hoteliers also withdrew some of their demands during the renewal of the collective agreement, and the minimum wage in some occupations was also ensured.

Indeed, as Philileftheros was informed, a first meeting was held last week on the new strategy for the employment of foreign students from third countries. During this first meeting, there was the need to modernize the 2008 strategy and to open recruitment to sectors where there is a proven need.

It is noted that according to the decrees, students may be employed in the food industry (food distributors) and in restaurants / leisure centers (kitchen assistants / cleaners) provided that they obtain a contract of employment with a particular employer reviewed by the Department of Labor, where the main terms of employment are listed. The employer should also submit the students’ timetable of study from a recognized institution and the monthly work schedule of students in the Department of Labor.