Mesoyios College is a private institution tertiary education that has been offering educational services since 1998.

Why choose Mesoyios?

Mesoyios CollegeĀ is an inclusive andĀ welcoming environment. International students start a week earlier than other students, giving them theĀ chance to familiarize themselves with the campus andĀ make friends with other international students.Ā Students groups and societies organize regular networking eventsĀ for international students throughout the year.

Mesoyios College has adapted all aspects of academic and vocational programs to the extent that they are competitive and worthy to be compared with the level of education of remarkable European universities.

Mesoyios College offers programs of study accredited by the Cyprus Quality Assurance Agency (CYQAA) in Higher Education. Our students are eligible for state subsidy on the basis of the criteria laid down by the relevant legislation.

Mesoyios College has numerous collaborations with esteemed institutions and organizations. One collaboration we are highly proud of is the one with Glion and Les Roches. Through this collaboration, graduates of Mesoyios College can transfer all their credits and continue their studies to obtain a higher-level degree and also start a career in the hospitality industry in the best hotels anywhere in the world.

The academic programs of the Mesoyios College are fully harmonized with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System Credit ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). This system aims at transparency and achievement of learning outcomes and learning processes. It aims to facilitate planning, delivery, evaluation, recognition and validation of qualifications and units of learning as well as student mobility.

Both the ECTS label and the ā€œDSā€ (Diploma Supplement Label) is proof of excellence, and Mesoyios College is one of the colleges in the European Union that is fully adapted to the new system.

All academic programs are offered in English language.

Mesoyios College is locatedĀ inĀ the city centre of Limassol ā€“ Cyprus.Ā Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus with populationĀ more than 200,000 inhabitants. WithĀ just 35 minutes away from the Larnaca and Paphos airport, those coming from abroad will find it rather easy to transit around the sunny city.

All students have full access to our range of student support services. This includes access to career advisors, study skills support, specialist international advisors.

Mesoyios College is committed in making its students the best possible versions of themselves before letting them out into the real world. With that being said, Mesoyios College graduates are fully capable to prosper through their careers, whether it is in the 5-star luxurious hotels or even leading business organizations.

We believe, that greatness is built within each and every one of us. That is why there is no better place to triumph, than here with us – because our graduates are our future.

All of our programs give students the opportunity to take on work experience and be involved with live client projects.

Located 40 minutes away from Larnaca Airport and 30 minutes away from Paphos Airport, Limassol tends to takeĀ yourĀ breath away with its modern-developedĀ structure and design, history, and heritage.

Those who visit, either forĀ studies orĀ vacation,Ā can spend every minute of their day experiencing something unique. From the beaches, to the exciting nightlife, and finally the welcoming hospitality, Limassol is the place to be.

Itā€™s true that thereā€™s never a dull moment, because with such a big city comes even bigger experiences!

So,Ā if youā€™re wonderingĀ how to combine studies and student life in Limassol, look no further!

  1. Visit the luxurious Limassol Marina, where one can have long strolls at the pier while enjoying good food and good company
  2. Enjoy cycling around the seaside walkway
  3. Engage in water sports and other activities around the city
  4. Promenade around the Old Town, which is known as the heart of the city, and get lost in its narrow streetsĀ filled with local shops
  5. Go back in time in the Limassol Castle that was built around 1,000 A.D.
  6. Appreciate the clean beaches and the simple pleasures of the Mediterranean life
  7. Indulge in tasty meze and local wines
  8. Grasp the company of your friends at cafes
  9. Exciting night life seen like no other

Upon other things, get ready to call Limassol home.

Find out more about theĀ Collegeā€™s history.