Welcome to our family!

I welcome you to Mesoyios College, an institution operating from 1998 as an educational center specialized in the hospitality industry. Today it has evolved in a modern 21st century higher education institution that welcomes students from around the world.
Here at Mesoyios College the student is our main focus in every way, that’s why we offer them the best:
• Both our administrative staff and faculty members are experts in their fields.
• Our facilities are fresh and modern, and the use of technology aims to empower knowledge.
• Student affairs office and International affairs office are specifically responsible for the students’ personal, academic and career support.
• Our wide range of credentials including diplomas, higher diplomas and bachelor degrees allow the students to choose a program that’s best suited to their specific needs. Every program is designed with the input of industry experts to ensure a relevant learning experience.
• Collaboration with well-established and globally respected institutions offer students a variety of options to combine or extend their studies to both Cyprus and abroad.
Of course, it’s not all work and no play at Mesoyios College. Student life and extracurricular activities are promoted. This comes especially naturally as Mesoyios College is situated in one of the most beautiful cities, Limassol. Limassol combines everything one can ask for: modern architecture and ancient ruins, contemporary cafes and traditional taverns, spectacular beaches and gorgeous country-sides, excitement and relaxation.
Welcome to our family!

Theofilos Antoniou