Department of Student Affairs

Student life is an integral part of higher education, offering students unique opportunities for personal growth and developĀ­ment, while helping to strengthen the leadership and communication skills.

Additionally, it provides opportunities for cooperation, teamwork, social interaction and intercultural understanding. In light of the above, the Office of student affairs is committed to enrich the student experience and to promote a full and active student life.

Student Services

The Office of Student Affairs, as well as the Office of International Affairs and each member of the staff and faculty team of Mesoyios College, is strictly committed to the objectives of the College for excellent, constant and effective support of our students in all areas, including:

  • Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Information and Advice in relation to the life in the college and outside
  • Humanitarian issues
  • Assistance in terms of study habits, time management, education stress management, communication, problem solving, adapting to the conditions of the college life and many other fields related to student success in the college
  • Personal assistance to students with special learning needs
  • Personal assistance and support to students with special emotional needs.

Student Life & Activities

A college is not only a place of learning, since a student may live the most memorable years of his/her life. At Mesoyios College interesting student clubs and sports teams are operated, like art, film and other entertainment events, contributing to an integrated framework of culture and development. The department of student affairs surrounds every need of the students from their accommodation to guidance in relation to their professional career. Also several publications are issued for and by the students and maintains Electronic Student Network Communications.

Students Union

The Student Union is the official representative of the students. The president of Student Union participates in Collegeā€™s major decision committees, such as the College Council. Elected student representatives participate in the Council, the School Committees and Departmental Committees.