Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance

Scholarships – As part of its social contribution and its effort to create incentives for a healthy academic competition, Mesoyios College offers the following total / partial scholarships:

  • To Students with Financial Needs
  • Scholarships to families with financial problems.
  • Scholarships to families with many children / siblings.

To Athletes

Students actively participate in College’s sports teams have the opportunity to reclaim athletic scholarship, the amount of which is determined upon request and choice.

Sports scholarships cover up to 40% of tuition. In any case, the exact percentage depends on the sport category, and the participation and performance of athletes in various sports and other activities of the college.

To Excellent Students

Scholarships based on academic performance in college

To Excellent High School Graduates

Scholarships through Lyceum / Technical Schools

Mesoyios College offers for each Lyceum / Technical School scholarships to graduating students, lasting one academic year. Candidates for these scholarships are proposed by each Lyceum / Technical School.

There are 21 Scholarship Positions offered. More specifically, in each Lyceum / Technical School College offers:

A Full Scholarship (100%) for the first academic year of study. Applicants must have graduated with an overall grade of 19 or higher.

Five Half Scholarships (50%) for the first academic year of study. Applicants must have graduated with an overall grade of 18 or higher.

Fifteen Partial Scholarships (30%) for the first academic year of study.

Scholarship candidates can get more information from the Counselling and Career Office of their Lyceum / Technical School or the Admissions Office of Mesoyios College.

Scholarships based High school / Technical School diploma

These scholarships are automatic, lasting one academic year and are given based on the overall grade in School Leaving Certificate, as shown below:

Grade % Scholarship
19,50 and above 30%
19,00 – 19,49 20%
18,50 – 18,99 15%
18,00 – 18,49 10%


– Annual State Student Sponsorship of the Ministry of Finance on the basis of economic criteria for children of large families.

Mesoyios College bound to consider each case separately, giving it the necessary attention and care.

Learn more about the Scholarship Program and other forms of financial assistance by calling at +357 25 24 64 01 or e-mailing at