13 Mar 2020

Mesoyios Research Center: Space Computing and Engineering Applications

The Mesoyios College Research Centre team will be presenting the first results of its work in Space Computing & Engineering applications at the prestigious SPIE conference on Space, Satellites & Sustainability, 20-23/9/2020, Edinburgh, UK (https://spie.org/con…/space-satellites–sustainability-(s3)- ).
Mesoyios College is the only higher-education institute or educational organization in Cyprus to ever participate in a Space mission. The space mission includes the construction of the Spacecraft and all necessary sub-components.

Congratulations to our research team for their immense efforts! Other project partners include Prometheus Space Technologies, the Hellenic Air Force, Lockheed Martin and NASA JPL. For further information on our Space research or to become a research partner on existing or future research projects, please, contact the Director of our Research Centre Prof George Dekoulis (gdekoulis@mesoyios.ac.cy ).

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey into Space!!!

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