New Installation of Modern Stanah Stairlifts

Access to quality education constitutes an inalienable right of all our students. We would like to thank Prosvasis Ltd for the installment of two modern Stanah stairlifts on our College premises.

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Staff Development

“Mesoyios College, in compliance with workplace policies and procedures, and in support of staff professional development provides a first aid training course having first aid provisions in place and equipment readily available to ensure the health and safety of Mesoyios College’s members and students.”

Seminar ” Tips for the perfect CV “

At Mesoyios College, our students were invited to attend the ‘’Tips for the perfect CV’’ seminar. The seminar was held by Mrs Annita Petrou, Mesoyios College lecturer.

The aim of the seminar was to educate our students about the importance of a good CV. Mrs Petrou explained to students that a qualitative Curriculum Vitae is their first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer.

We would like to thank all participants for their attendance.

Study with Erasmus+

Erasmus+ funds student’s placement up to 12 months during their studies. HR Managers report that candidates with multicultural work experience have strong advantages in finding a job. That is because students learn to respect and understand cultural differences in such an open-minded and evolving world. The beauty of Erasmus+ lies in the diversity offered among European countries.
Mesoyios College students participating in Erasmus+ Programme are doing their Internship in Hilton Lublin Hotel.

We, here at Mesoyios College, are proud to be collaborating with such a program, and are confident our students will create lifelong memories filled with experiences and knowledge.

Visited Lubelskim Conference Center

On November 20th, 2019, the 2nd year students of Tourism and Recreation undergraduate and graduate studies organized under the supervision of Dr. Anna Mazurek-Kusiak an integration meeting for students from Mesoyios College from Cyprus.
Students from Cyprus are currently on Internship under Erasmus+ programme, at the Hampton by Hilton Lublin Hotel, and meeting with students of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin took place in cooperation with the Lublin Convection Bureau. At the beginning, students organized training games for guests in the Old Town. In the first stage, players had to play detectives and find lost letters in the city’s tenements. In the second stage of games, guests were introduced to the main monuments of Lublin.
After exhausting and thought-provoking games, the whole group was invited to the Lublin Conference Center, where the hosts from the Lublin Convection Bureau prepared refreshments and showed around available conference and business rooms. In one of the rooms, students from our University could prove themselves as speakers by presenting in English basic information about the University of Life Sciences and the traditions of Polish and Ukrainian cuisine. Then the students led quizzes, fortune rings and board games. The meeting ended with a discussion regarding further cooperation.

Academic Calendar for Fall Semester 2019

The academic year consists of the Fall, Spring and Summer Semester, each 15 weeks long, including registration, classes, holidays and final examinations. The Fall Semester begins in the last Monday of September.

The Academic Calendar contains important information and deadlines that will guide you throughout your studies.

Mesoyios College enters Sri Lankan Market

Our President of the Council, Mr. Theodoros Antoniou, recently attended the launching seminar in Kurunegala organized by Shahasrain International, our Exclusive Representatives in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Antoniou introduced all benefits of studying in Cyprus and Mesoyios College. More than 100 potential students and parents who participated in the seminar had the opportunity to ask questions and get all their answers regarding their educational concerns.

Mesoyios College is looking forward in welcoming the first students from Sri Lanka in the Spring Semester of 2020!

Career days in Mesoyios College

All “Hotel Management”, “Hospitality Operations Management” and “Business Administration” students, attended the Career Days & Internship of Mesoyios College that took place on the 10th and 11th of June, 2019 at Mesoyios College.

A delegation from the reputable 5-star hotel The Royal Apollonia, Columbia Plaza, Atlantica Hotels & Resorts and Lanitis Entertainment met Mesoyios College students and further explained about their job opportunities in the Hospitality and Catering industry. Our business partners were highly impressed by the quality of our staff, our students and our premises.

Many students were appointed and will start their internship summer 2019!

“We are glad to provide an opportunity for our students to meet well-known Cyprus hoteliers and caterers and compete for an internship placement in such establishments. It brings us great pride seeing our students in high demand by the domestic labour market. Such events will be organized yearly, which serve our students, graduates, the hospitality industry and the community in general”, quoted Mr. Theodoros Antoniou, President Mesoyios College.

Mesoyios College participated in the 5th International Day of Yoga

Last Friday, the students and management of Mesoyios College took part in the biggest Yoga session in Cyprus. The event was held at the GSP stadium in Nicosia honoured by the President of the House of Parliament of Cyprus, the High Commissioner of India in Cyprus and the Principal of Mesoyios College Mr. Theofilos Antoniou.

Mr. Antoniou noted: “At Mesoyios College we have a lot of students from all over the world, including India. It’s a great honour for us to participate in the organization of this event and always support such an important initiatives by the High Commission of India”.

English Language Lecture at Mesoyios College

The aim of yesterday’s seminar was to help our students understand the importance of the English language. It is very important not to be afraid to speak in English and ask again for something that they did not understand. We explained them that English language is a global language spoken by over 1.500.000.000 people in more than 70 countries around the world. They were also informed about the opportunities that Mesoyios College is offering them, such as Erasmus Programs, Career Days and participation in different Educational courses for enhancement of their knowledge and skills, which means that without being able to communicate in English they will not have the chance to chase these opportunities. We ensured them that as a College team we will be by their side and will support them to complete their studies and gain the knowledge that they need for a bright future full of success.

2nd Yoga session at Mesoyios College

Mr Gaurav Vohra, Teacher of Indian Culture and qualified Yoga teacher was invited to our premises to teach our students breathing techniques, stretching, posture and relaxation techniques. Our session closed with 15 minutes of meditation.

The Principal of the College, Mr. Theofilos Antoniou, noted that: “Yoga for our students is a way of life, so we decided to organised Yoga Session on a regular basis during the academic year. We would like to thank our students that participated in the session as well as Mr Vohra who came directly from The High Commission of India in Nicosia. We promise that within the next sessions we will try to keep the event open to the public, so that everyone can enjoy this exercise which trains both body and mind”.

Graduation Ceremony at our College

Our graduation ceremony was held on Friday the 26th of July. The Principal of Mesoyios College, Mr. Theofilos Antoniou, awarded the students with their degrees and offered his congratulations and best wishes for all their future endeavors.

We are proud of our graduated students and wish them, wherever life leads them, being confident in their abilities to bring success to their selves and others!

Mesoyios College Council 2019 – 2020

At the end of October we had elections for the Students Council of Mesoyios College. All students had an opportunity to vote for candidates. Finally we are happy to introduce you our Student Council 2019 – 2020 !!!

PRESIDENT – Idadul Haque Rahi
MEMBERS – Gurpreet Singh Peti, Husain Mahmud, Sujada Shresta