The Erasmus+ is the European Union-founded program from 2014-2020. It aims to enhance the European dimensions of higher education and promote mobility within the EU. Erasmus+ aims to boost skills and employ-ability as well as modernize education, training and youth work across Europe. It has a budget of approximately 14.7 billion euros across Europe and provide opportunities for students and professionals to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.

It also supports transnational partnerships between education, training and youth organizations, as well as developing grassroots sport projects.

Mesoyios College has been registered and participated in Erasmus+ since 2014. From 2014 until 2018 Mesoyios College was hosting students from other European universities for internship and practice, as well as faculty staff and professionals for training and workshops. As from 201 9 Mesoyios College has been approved for mobility of its own students and faculty staff for internship in another European country. Universities in 33 European countries participate in this flagship educational program for higher education.



Study periods abroad allow you to obtain a different cultural experience and add an international dimension to your curriculum vitae. Support and induction programs are available for all students going out on exchange and for students coming to study here with us.


Furthermore, Erasmus+ enables students and graduates to undertake internship in a company or organization abroad, with full recognition for the period of their work and lasting mobility of 2-12 months.
Students can use this feature from the first year of study, and graduates must complete mobility no later than one year after graduation.


Students who move to study at partner European Tertiary Education Institutions or organizations/ companies for academic or internship purposes via Erasmus+ programs, receive an amount as a travel allowance and a monthly subsidy depending on the cost of living in the host country.