04 Jul 2019

An interaction program regarding Nepali students in Cypriot Academic Institutions

Last Monday 1st of July, the Principal and the Marketing team of Mesoyios College attended an interaction program held by the Ambassador of Nepal Dr. Anjan Shakya regarding Nepali students in Cypriot Academic Institutions. The event took place at the Consul of Nepal offices at Stavrou Avenue in Nicosia. The invitation was for Colleges recruiting Nepali students.

During the event, the Ambassador discussed several issues and concerns that Nepali students are facing during their studies in Cyprus, among them the high rents for flats as well as the delay of issuing visas from the Migration Department.
The Student Affairs Office, aims for a good communication between the college and its students with main purpose to help our students to understand their rights, as well as their responsibilities. The Ambassador ensured us that she will be in touch with the Colleges about any concerns or issues that will arise within the Consul regarding students. We are glad to know that the Ambassador will stand by our side and help us to be in touch with students.

By the end of the session the Ambassador ensured that the Student Affairs Office of each College will aim to help and support its students and try to provide them with the most suitable options for themselves. Also, as the Principal of Mesoyios College, Mr. Theofilos Antoniou, noted “We are glad to know that the Ambassador will be by our side and communicate with us regarding the concerns of the students. We are also very happy and proud of our Nepali students’ performance and we are aiming to expand our Nepali students number within our College”.