Tuition Fees for Mesoyios College – If you’ve got the ability, finance shouldn’t be a barrier to coming here and being successful. That’s why we’ve invested in one of the most generous financial support packages in Cyprus.

Remember you don’t have to pay your fees up front and you can get plenty of information and advice to help you manage your money.

The Tuition Fees for the academic year 2018 are as follows:

Tuition fees EUR per year
Diploma 5,500
Higher Diploma 6,500
Bachelor’s Degree 7,500

Special discounts and scholarships are available to students upon request. Applications are examined by the College Council on individual basis.

Other Fees

Application Fee: 50 euro (paid once)
Registration Fee: 75 euro per course
Use of Technology Fee: 50 euro per semester
Computer Science Lab Material Fee: 50 euro per semester
Academic Activities Fee: 40 euro per semester

Personal and Living Expenses

The estimated expenses for the academic year are as follows:

  1. €1,280 – €1,680 Accommodation (shared accommodation)
  2. €1,200 – €1,700 Food & Personal Expenses
  3. €300 – €500 Books and Stationery

Transfer of Credits

Course Credits (ECTS) completed at other recognized institutions will be evaluated and may be transferred to the College. The evaluation fee is €50. Official Transcripts and course descriptions in English need to be submitted.

Payment of Tuition and Other Fees

Students are required to be full time (minimum 30 ECTS per semester). Tuition and other fees are calculated and charged at the beginning of each semester (Fall and Spring). The amount of Tuition and Other Fees stated in the Student’s Certificate of Admission letter must be paid in full, unless otherwise specified by the College, by the visa application deadline which is also stated in the aforementioned letter.


All payments to the College should be made in Euro (€) through one of the following payment options and students are advised to always write their student inquiry number and their full name:

  1. By Bank transfer, in the following bank account:
    Bank: USB BANK
    Swift/BIC: UNVKCY2N
    Account no.: 145-2-0385337-12011
    IBAN: CY76 0110 0053 1452 0385 3371 2011
  2. By means of a bank draft issued to Mesoyios College
  3. By cashcheque or visa at the finance department offices of Mesoyios College