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We are currently working with a number of national and international universities and organisations to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Our projects

Connecting communities

Be part of our project community wherever you are in the world.

Our partners


We are keen to encourage students and partners to participate in projects which Mesoyios College initiates and implements including EU funded ones. Projects give wide oportunities to improve student skills and their experience, study and practice abroad, let exchange knowledge internationally, build relationships with partners abroad.


The Erasmus + enables students enrolled in Mesoyios College to go to a partner university abroad for 3 to 12 months, with full recognition for the period of their studies there. Students can apply for participation in the Erasmus + program during the first year of study but must be enrolled at least in the 2nd year of studies during the transition.

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European Social Fund (ESF)

The ESF is Europe’s main instrument for supporting jobs, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer job opportunities for all EU citizens. It works by investing in Europe’s human capital – its workers, its young people and all those seeking a job. ESF is improving job prospects for millions of Europeans, in particular those who find it difficult to get work.


EUROPA TOGETHER is an international program supporting young people get better jobs through increasing their eduactional and vocational skills and fitting them to the EU market requirements throught the practical tools. It is to connect young people living in european countries and to solve their needs by bridging european partners.

International Partners in Projects:

  • University of Technology in Lublin (PL)
  • Marie Curie Sklodowska University (PL)
  • Institute for Human Resources Development (PL)
  • Europa Maxima Centre (GB)
  • MTK Znanie (BLG)  
  • TouristLux (EU)