Mr. Dimitris Gaitanis

  • LecturerAreas of Specialization: Business, Marketing and Management

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Dimitris Gaitanis has graduated approximately 6 months ago and own 2 degrees both in the United Kingdom. The first degree is in Sunderland University where he graduated with a 2:1 in Bsc Business Management. During his Bachelor years, He was part of the SUBuddies scheme where he was helping new students by showing them around, explaining them a few things about the university life and in some rare occasions He has also helped some of them with their studies and assignments. In order to complete his BSc Degree, other than the classes that he had to pass, he presented also a dissertation with the title “How Network Marketing affects consumer’s behavior and decision-making process.” Then he moved to Oxford Brookes university to complete his MSC degree on Marketing and Brand Management. Part of the MSc Degree was a placement job, where Dimitris worked as a Letting Agent in a company with private student accommodations which that lasted 6 months. Thus, he based his Placement Project Dissertation on the job with the title “How Brexit will affect the Real Estate Letting market in UK and the decision-making process of students”.