College Overview

Mesoyios College is a Private Institution of Tertiary Education. It was founded in 1998 by Mr. Theodoros Antoniou with the name Mesoyios Institute of Career Advancement (MICA). MICA began its operation offering vocational training programs both in Cyprus and other EU countries. MICA was a leading training center in Cyprus and the only one specialized in the Hospitality Industry.

In 2013 MICA developed to a Higher Education Institution offering academic programs of study as well as vocational training programs and received the College status.

Over the years, Mesoyios college has assembled a team of highly qualified academical staff and collaborates with well-established and globally respected institutions to combine studies to Switzerland, Poland and India.

Our short-term academic plans include the opening of more Bachelor as well as Master degrees in the fields of Hospitality, Business Administration and Computer Science.

Our main goal is to become a unique higher educational institution producing quality professionals who will fulfil all the needs of the hospitality, catering and tourism industry, and through their knowledge and skills to help in its development worldwide.

Join us and we will continue to create our history together!

Our Aims:

  • Provide higher education and lifelong learning opportunities to all people without any discriminations.
  • Provide quality education to develop knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical courses, in order to enable students to expand their options for vocational rehabilitation after graduation.
  • Support students develop and make a professional career in the industry.