About Limassol

City – Limassol is the year round destination of Cyprus. A cosmopolitan sea-side destination with a unique identity, based on its rich history and culture, its special characteristics and the wide variety of options available for tourists including cycling, bird watching, mini cruises to nearby destinations, Byzantine churches routes, wine routes and much more.

Why in Limassol?

  1. Limassol is the most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus
  2. It is a breathtaking city in Cyprus
  3. One of the best beaches in Mediterranean sea
  4. Reasonable cost of living
  5. All types of entertainment
  6. It is a 15 minute drive from Paphos airport and a 30 minute drive from Larnaca airport
  7. It offers the best student life

Nothing is missing!!!

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The District

Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus with a population of approximately 180,000. It is one of six districts and covers an area of 34.87 square kilometers. Located on the southern coast, Limassol stretches around westward to the Paphos district, bordering with the district of Larnaca on the east and with Nicosia on the north.

In addition to the recognized popularity as a tourism destination, Limassol is also an administrative and business centre, a port, a resort, the centre of the wine industry and home to many archeological sites.

Limassol District
Limassol Molos

The vivacious city centre, seems to offer a journey through time where the University, with its bustling young students aiming for a brighter future, is just a few streets away from the old market and ancient castle which link us to the past. Gracefully blending old with new continues, as across the seafront one can appreciate the cosmopolitan side of Limassol with its contemporary business structures and modern apartment buildings while only several kilometers away one can find charming areas with cobblestone streets, quaint buildings with overhanging terraces under which there are a profusion of small shops, restaurants and cafes.

” The most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus, Limassol is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and spontaneous hospitality. “

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The spice of variety

Whether for business or pleasure, Limassol offers a wealth of variety: from bustling markets and exuberant festivals to relaxing spas; ancient monuments and museums to fashionable boutiques and art galleries; prestige hotels and gourmet restaurants to lively taverns and glamorous clubs.

Main Local Cultural Events

The Limassol Carnival, every February/ March. Truly colourful!

Limassol Carnival

The Berengaria International Music Festival is dedicated to the presentation of both chamber and solo music performed by high calibre musicians from all over the world. The Berengaria Festival takes place in March at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol It is organised by the Municipality of Kato Polemidia and the Rialto Theatre within the framework of the musical and aesthetic educaion of pupils in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The European Dance Festival, an annual highlight of the European arts and culture scene, takes place in Limassol in May. Dance groups from many European countries come to Cyprus to compete with the Cypriot dance troupes.

Each June, the ancient amphitheatre of Kourion is transformed into a stage for performances of Shakespearean plays. The open-air Kourion theatre occupies a dramatic cliff top location and creates a perfect environment for staging the works of the famous English poet and playwright.

European Dance Festival

In mid March the Annual Contemporary Dance Platform takes place at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol. This is a well established dance festival that has been taking place in Cyprus for the last 10 years. The 3-day platform offers a great opportunity to see how contemporary dance in Cyprus is developing.The Russian Embassy in Cyprus, the Limassol Municipality and the Russian newspaper Cyprus Advertiser, organise the Russian-Cypriot Festival every year. It aims to promote closer relationships between the two countries on a cultural level. The two-day long festival takes place in the beginning of June at Molos area in Limassol. The programme includes an exhibition where more than 70 companies, Cypriot and Russian, present their products. Guests of the festival are also given the opportunity to see Cypriot and Russian dancers, singers and musicians perform.

July is the month for celebrations in honour of the famous Cypriot wine Koumandaria. The villages of the Kourris Valley, which is one of the main wine producing regions of Cyprus, hold the annual Koumandaria Festival.

The Limassol Wine Festival, every September.

Wine Festival

Along with the wine festival, Limassol hosts an annual Beer Festival. The festival takes place at the Molos Waterfront in July and entrance is free.

One of the biggest annual international sporting events in Cyprus – Lemesia – takes place in Limassol in October. Although focusing on professional athleticism, it also aims to promote participation in sports to Limassolians.

The WRC Cyprus Rally takes place every autumn.

The Cyprus Film Days is an annual festival that shouldn’t be left unnoticed by film-lovers. The event is organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture together with the Rialto Theatre of Limassol.

For several years the Limassol Municipality has been organising the Ballet Festival. The festival is ranked among the most important events in Cyprus and attracts great numbers of local and foreign visitors. Some of the past participants include the St. Petersburg Ballet, the Volshoi Ballet, the Kremlin Ballet, the National Ballet Opera of Hungary, Michael Flately’s Lord of the Dance and Fuego Spanish Group.

Rainbow Festival, an anti-racism multicultural festival brings people of all races together. It is organised by KISA (Action for Equality, Support and Antiracism) and it takes place at the Molos Waterfront in Limassol. The Rainbow festival joins together various migrant, asylum seekers and refugee community organisations and Cypriot human rights and cultural organisations.

The new face of Limassol

Several projects which are currently planned or are already under development in Limassol will contribute to an upgrading and significant transformation of this area within the next few years. Along with its unique identity, convenient location, cosmopolitan character and the richness in history and culture, the new face of Limassol will strengthen and enhance its role as a distinct prime sea-side destination for business and leisure.

The projects planned include the construction of the Limassol Marina, in addition to the existing marina located on the east side of Limassol, to provide for the mooring of yachts at sea and on shore, the Limassol Conference Centre to host large international events throughout the year, a new passenger’s reception area at the Limassol Port and the redesigning of the Old Port area to include coffee shops, restaurants and a Nautical Museum. Recently completed are the multifunctional “GSO” Athletic Centre and the Limassol Olympic Swimming Pool which can cater to international swimming teams that wish to train in Limassol and enjoy the mild weather of the island. In appreciation of the crafts, an Artists’ Neighborhood is currently organised to host local art workshops and to exhibit mosaics, icons, pottery and other pieces of traditional Cypriot art.

These are just the stepping stones which lead to many more items on the agenda which will enhance what Limassol has to offer to locals and visitors.

Limassol Marina

The Limassol Marina will provide for the mooring of yachts at sea and on shore. Additionally, the project includes the development of residential, commercial units as well as buildings for cultural uses.
The location selected for the development of the Limassol Marina is adjacent to the heart of Limassol, making it a landmark development for the locals and an attraction for the visitors.

Carefully designed to blend with the surrounding area of the old port, the old town and the castle, the project aims to become a unique residential and leisure destination.

The Limassol Marina is expected to enhance Nautical Tourism and put Cyprus at the centre of the yachting destination map. The project will also contribute to the upgrading and significant differentiation of the tourist product of Limassol.

limassol marina

Limassol Conference Centre with a high capacity to attract large international events.

The decision of creating a conference centre in the Limassol region will contribute to the further development of conference tourism and will assist in improving seasonality since the majority of international events take place before or after the summer months. Such a project also matches our aim for attracting quality visitors. Conference delegates tend to prefer high quality accommodation, they are interested in the local culture and heritage and at their free time they explore the destination. They can also become repeat visitors and come back for holidays with their families if they are pleased with the total experience.

The New Port Passengers’ Reception Area is at the design stage and is expected to give greater value to the visitor’s experience. The importance of this project, beyond the practical and operational efficiency that will be aimed, is that it will contribute to a more positive first impression for Limassol as a destination and Cyprus in general.

The Old Port Project is aiming to turn the Limassol traditional Old Port into a place full of life, for both locals and visitors who wish to enjoy their time by the sea. This project will include the development of cafes and restaurants, as well as a Nautical Museum which will feature ‘treasures of the sea’ for the enjoyment of visitors.

Treasures beyond

Beyond the city await the idyllic villages and nature trails of the Troodos mountains; secluded beaches and historic landmarks; wineries and orchards; and, for the golfing enthusiast, a range of championship courses.

The place to be

This enticing mix has elevated Limassol to one of the foremost destination attractions in Europe, with an ever-increasing number of international carriers flying to the nearby airports of Larnaka and Pafos.